Resources Care Solutions was established in 2014 as an outsourcing company for the hospitality and service industry. The company’s goal was to act as an alternative solution for the ever demanding labour shortage faced by employers. With a properly vetted and well-trained team Resources Care Solutions can deploy any number of staff at your service with short notice.

The company was formed by very experienced senior executives in the hospitality and service industry. It is carried out with a wealth of experience in dealing with all kinds of issues employers face during their day to day operations.
As a support service to the hospitality and service industry Resources Care Solutions can provide a number of services under one roof such as housekeeping, kitchen, restaurant, cleaning, and maintenance.



Guest rooms are the most important part of any hotel. Where hotel guests spend most of their time during their stay. The Resources Care Solution team understands that a sense of cleanliness, comfort, and presentation in a room is the number one factor for getting repeat business. It substantially increases the likelihood of positive customer reviews and word-of-mouth promotions. It is an easy aspect for the business to improve that has an outsized marketing impact.

Our well trained and professional team of room attendants and supervisors understands this truth very well. They are always ready to perform their duties to the very highest standards and work towards a common goal.


Maintenance of the building premises is necessary in order to preserve the building assets, ensure health and safety standards, and protect the building occupants. Proper building maintenance ensures that the building and the environment remains a healthy, clean, and safe place for residents and workers. Regular maintenance also helps to ensure that the value of the building is maintained.

Impressions, particularly first impressions, are very difficult to change. A properly maintained building reflects good management, professionalism, and inspires a positive attitude towards the premises and business. A clean and well maintained premise sends a positive message during any dealing. A dirty or poorly maintained building can trigger a negative impression and negative sentiments.


Waiting tables can be an incredibly rewarding job, but it can also be very challenging and sometimes frustrating. If the customer is impressed with the food, environment, cleanliness, and service it can be very rewarding for a business. But it can be a challenge to coordinate all of these roles and their demands, especially under pressure. Dealing with unreasonable customers, stressed kitchen staff and demanding working hours can be a very frustrating experience.

Resources Care Solution has a carefully selected team of waiters, waitresses, and kitchen staff who all have a positive mindset and are ready to face any and all challenges. Our team of professional trainers guides them through proper skills acquisition and training, both physically and mentally. This ensures our staff is ready to adapt to any environment and perform their duties to achieve the best outcomes for your business.